Yann Lapnet, better known by his creative alias Le Beau Gosse /lə bo ɡɔs/, is a Bay Area-based Photographer. He is a Mechanical Engineering undergrad student at San Jose State University with an undying passion for the art, application and practice of creating memorable images by recording light. Yann has been experimenting with the physics of a camera from a young age as a hobby, but recently begun an extensive study of photography in 2020. By living on different continents, and visiting multiple countries like Monaco, Zimbabwe, Canada, Senegal, France & Tanzania, his creativity was aroused by the urge to document the unique memories he experienced from his nomadic lifestyle. If he is not getting lost in the beautiful streets of downtown San Jose with his camera, he is either studying or finding his cadence in pithy personal essays.



With my ability to adapt to different situations and a variety of lenses, my goal is not only to meet, but exceed your needs and expectations every time.


I work with you every step of the way to proselytize your vision into a completely unique story.



Being highly productive allows me to provide you with a bountiful of unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.


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